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How to Wash and Condition Curly Hair

We know there’s a lot of information swirling around out there on what exactly is the best way to deal with the tricky nature of curly hair but we’re here to be a resource for some of those answers. How to properly care for curly hair can differ greatly on style, cut and texture but we wanted to … [Read More...]

Curly Girl

Curly Hair. It’s a blessing and a curse but with the right tips and a little magic product even the wildest hair can be (relatively) tamed. What curly haired girl hasn’t heard from her straight haired friends that they would pay good money to swap places? Sound familiar? We’re big believers in … [Read More...]

Beauty Truths: Hair Extensions

For women in the Western world, hair extensions are a quick and easy beauty solution that has turned into a billion dollar industry. After all, why wait for your own hair to grow naturally, when you can seek a more rapid alternative? There is a large disparity between the hair extensions women are … [Read More...]

The Truth Behind Hair Colour

Colouring your hair might seem like magic and an over-the-counter box of dye or a few hours at a salon can completely transform your hair. Modern day science is hard at work, but did you know the hair dye you’re regularly using can have negative effects on your health? … [Read More...]

Dirty Ingredients

Becoming a green beauty detective is the way of the future for any consumer concerned with their health and sustainability. By choosing high quality personal care products, customers not only get the best potency, but also avoid unnecessary cheap additives and ingredients. Just because a product is … [Read More...]

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