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Grow, Grow, Grow Your Hair!

  Unfortunately there’s no magic pill or potion that will transform your hair into a 'mermaidey' masterpiece overnight but with some dedication and a few tips even the stubbornest hair can grow. The biggest hurdle is the having the patience to let your hair do it’s thing. Hair grows anywhere … [Read More...]

Why We LOVE Elate Cosmetics at designHouse Salon!

There is a reason we love Elate Cosmetics at designHouse Salon! They embody the same goals and inner passions that we ourselves have. By placing a large emphasis on sustainability, green initiatives, and putting an end to animal testing, Elate is a leader in the green beauty industry. “Through … [Read More...]

Make Self-Care A Part of Your Weekend

We all know that we should look after ourselves but most of us get caught up in the daily frenzy of life and forget to check in. How are we supposed to look after others when we aren’t looking after our own selves? This is such an important question to ask and serves as a reminder to take that extra … [Read More...]

Super Sleek Hair Courtesy of Davines

WE... all love silky straight sleek hair that automatically elevates a simple look but re creating it at home can be a daunting task. would all like to believe that one day we'll wake up with perfectly straightened sleek hair but honestly it takes a little effort for even the straightest … [Read More...]

What Kind of Hairbrush Should you Use?

Hairbrushes are one of those beauty tools that are often overlooked but did you know using the right one for your hair type can make a huge difference in the health and styling of your hair? Different shapes, sizes and bristle types all contribute to getting the perfect brush for your hair type. … [Read More...]

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