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Fall Hair Style Predictions

  The Fall always reminds us of new hair and clothing picked out for your grand début at school after the long days of summer vacation. This has carried over into our adult lives so whenever fall comes around we can’t help but itch for a new cut or colour to match the changing seasons. Fall … [Read More...]

Ethical Sourcing of Beauty Products

Some of the most popular beauty brands and companies have a long-standing history of unethical product sourcing along with transparency of the ingredients that go into their  beauty products. Thanks to technology a shift is happening in the way consumers shop and also for what they look for when … [Read More...]

Summer Beach Essentials

Summer is finally getting into the swing of things here in Victoria! We couldn’t be happier (we’ve BEEN waiting) and are counting down the days to the weekend so can hit up Willows or Gonzales. Summer is amazing but what most women don’t know is that it can do a serious number on your hair and skin. … [Read More...]

Is Dry Shampoo Bad for Your Hair?

Dry shampoos are by far one of the most convenient hair tools to decrease oil, improve volume and make “dirty,” hair smell like it’s been freshly washed. “Dry shampoos are so convenient, they save time, energy and add a nice gritty texture to your hair. In a pinch a dry shampoo can be a life saver … [Read More...]


Big, wild curly hair is back and not just for those naturally curly haired girls. There has been a resurgence of embracing natural textures and the bigger the better. People (yes men too) used to subject their locks to some serious harsh chemicals to get the permed look. “Well, with advances in … [Read More...]

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