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"The best hair in Victoria!"

"Seriously the best service I have ever received from a salon..."

"I wouldn't go anywhere else now that I found you guys!"

"Every time I go into the salon, I get exactly what I want coming out."

"An Eco friendly salon with non toxic products and amazing stylists!"

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Treat Yourself, Get Your Makeup Done

Are you thinking about planning a special night out on the town? Maybe you have an event coming up, or you are planning on going all out for Halloween (CALL US NOW TO BOOK YOUR HALLOWEEN MAKEUP APPOINTMENTS!). No matter what the reason may be, give into that guilty pleasure once in awhile and treat … [Read More…]

Sustainability Matters in a Hair Salon


In this day-and-age, it is becoming increasingly common to find more and more businesses taking steps to becoming sustainable and environmentally friendly. We at Design House Salon, your favorite Victoria-based salon, is proud to be at the forefront of this movement as a holistic hair … [Read More…]

Why You Need To Try Davines


There are more than enough options on the market right now for hair products, many of which have good formulas with decent results. With so many to choose from, how do you pick one that not only makes your hair amazing but satisfies you conscientious consumer decision? Davines stands out … [Read More…]

Are You Doing Enough for the Sustainability of Your Hair Salon?


Today’s hair salon is no longer as simple as a place where people stop in to get a haircut. Now a trip to the salon means being able to relax, and unwind as you share your newest stories or woes to your favorite hair stylist. Salons rely on building their relationships and customer … [Read More…]

Food + Music + Beauty

designHouse Salon, for Davines Sustainability Month, is proud to annonce a fundraiser for the Food Eco District (FED) of Victoria on April 7th at the Robert Bateman Gallery at 6pm.

We will be celebrating the connection between healthy eating and holistic beauty from the … [Read More…]

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