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Big, wild curly hair is back and not just for those naturally curly haired girls. There has been a resurgence of embracing natural textures and the bigger the better. People (yes men too) used to subject their locks to some serious harsh chemicals to get the permed look. “Well, with advances in … [Read More...]

Silver Fox

(source) Now I know what you’re thinking…grey hair? How could this be desirable, chic or even remotely flattering on the average woman? We wanted to write this article to empower women in various age brackets to not be afraid of their grey. Now this differs from the grey hair trend going around on … [Read More...]

Lowlights Versus Highlights

Looking for a way to freshen up dark, wintery hair hues? Lowlights and highlights are partial colouring techniques, that add a different shade to certain strands of hair that results in depth, texture and various complementary hues. Both of these techniques are used to add dimension while also … [Read More...]

Effects of Weather on Your Hair

With the change in climate happening all around us, hair and scalp issues commonly pop up due to increased humidity and heat. Most people believe the winter to be the most difficult season on the hair but did you know summer months actually wreak the most havoc? We’re here to tell you just what to … [Read More...]

What Causes Split Ends and How to Fix Them?

Do you constantly deal with split ends? Split ends are the splitting or fraying of the hair shaft due to various external factors.  “The splitting of the hair is a type of hair damage that typically begins near the ends of the hair shaft. But don’t be fooled split ends or damage that causes the … [Read More...]

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