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How Often Should You Be Conditioning Your Hair?

Hair stylists and colourists will agree that shampooing your hair everyday is damaging and contributes to a rough,  and dry hair shaft. The question that remains is, is this also true for conditioning your hair?

BeautyLish explains it best, “All winter we’ve been stressing the importance … [Read More…]

Chic Ways to Store Your Favourite Cosmetics

If you’re like us, you probably have a larger than normal makeup collection that tends to get out of hand. Knowing this, we’ve thought up some great tricks to re-organize your makeup drawer that’s not only thrifty, but incredibly unique. Here at DesignHouse we like to champion sustainability, and … [Read More…]

The New And Improved Hair And Beauty New Year’s Resolutions

Gone are the days when New Year’s resolutions equated to a new form of torture. This year, start a new trend by loving yourself and cutting yourself some slack. Women are more empowered than ever to work with their natural beauty and attributes that define them as an individual. Take advantage of … [Read More…]

6 Benefits of Hiring a Makeup Artist and a Hairdresser for the Holidays

When planning holiday parties and picking out the perfect cocktail dress, it’s easy to forget about hair and makeup. The holidays are a great time to hire the professionals for a little pampering and undivided attention.

Personalized Skin Care
Skin care is integral to your overall look and … [Read More…]

Makeup Trends For Winter 2016

Holiday makeup doesn’t always have to mean bright red lips and glittery eyes. Stylists are taking tips from the past to recreate retro hair and makeup looks that mesh with today’s sleek fashion. Makeup artists are drawing inspiration from hairstyles and clothing in order to create whimsical looks … [Read More…]

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